Tornado Information
Normal Operating Conditions

What is a tornado watch?

A TORNADO WATCH MEANS THAT CONDITIONS ARE FAVORABLE FOR A TORNADO TO OCCUR. At this stage weather conditions will be closely monitored, but it is not necessary to go to shelter locations at this point.

What is a tornado warning?

A TORNADO WARNING MEANS THAT A FUNNEL HAS BEEN SIGHTED IN OUR COUNTY (we are located in Greene County). If a TORNADO WARNING has been placed in effect, you need to seek shelter immediately. The following alert system will be utilized:

There will be a warning sounded by the village fire siren. This alert will consist of a gradual increase in pitch for thirty seconds, a maintenance of a high pitch for thirty seconds, and a gradual decrease in pitch for thirty seconds. In addition:

  1. Campus Safety will initiate the use of theĀ Emergency Mass Notification System. You can sign up for this service online.
  2. University Campus Safety personnel will announce the warning over a PA system from patrol vehicle(s) moving through campus, if it is safe to do so (funnel has not been seen in our immediate location in Cedarville) and time permits.
  3. RD’s/RA’s will make sure that their residents in the university dorms are aware of the danger and are moving to a shelter location.
  4. Campus Safety Officers will go to primary areas of occupancy, such as the Chapel when it is in session and the Cafeteria and Field House to make sure everyone has received the notification and are moving to a shelter location.

Every reasonable attempt will be made to notify all persons and to instruct them to go to designated shelters as outlined on this website.

Special Safety Information

If you are unable to reach a shelter area, individuals should go to inner corridors or restrooms on the ground floor of the nearest building. Stay away from windows or rooms located near exterior walls.

Other areas such as the following should be avoided:

  • Upper floors of buildings
  • Elevators (power may fail)
  • Food service areas
  • Auditoriums
  • Gymnasiums
  • Any structure with wide span roofs that are susceptible to collapse

Once in a shelter location, everyone should stay close to the floor covering your upper body and head with jackets, blankets, pillows, etc. when they are available. You may also consider shielding yourself further from falling debris by staying under heavy furniture.

If you are caught outside and cannot make it to a building shelter location, then go to the nearest ditch and lay flat, face down, covering the back of your head with your hands. Vehicles are dangerous places to be in a tornado.

Please do not leave shelter locations until the tornado warning is lifted. The “All Clear” is signaled when the village tornado siren is once again activated. In addition, the universities Emergency Mass Notification System will be reactivated letting everyone know that the warning has passed. Campus Safety vehicles will also tour the campus, making “All Clear” announcements from the vehicle PA systems.

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