Academic/Business Buildings Tornado Shelter Information
Normal Operating Conditions

If you are notified of a “tornado warning“, please GO IMMEDIATELY to a shelter according to the following procedure:

Alford Annex & Auditorium Ambassador Hall basement or Alford Annex restrooms
Ambassador Hall Ambassador Hall basement
Apple Technology & Resource Center Computer lab room 116 and rooms 104, 105, 106 and adjoining corridor
Callan Athletic Center Callan Athletic Center ground floor Interior corridor between gym and locker rooms and area adjacent to elevator
Carnegie Building Basement or lowest level, inside men’s and women’s restrooms and area just outside both
Center for Biblical & Theological Studies
  • 1st Option: inside room 116 & corridor area by rooms 116, 117 & 118
  • 2nd Option:  room 104 under desks

Stay off second floor and out of open atrium area

Center for Teaching & Learning Founders Hall basement area, particularly restroom, break room and hallway outside payroll and accounts payable
Civil Engineering Center Women’s restroom on the first floor and room 1 project lab

Otherwise, enter E&S building by the Observatory entrance and go to the locations listed for the E&S building

Chick-fil-A Library ground floor area
Chemistry Lab Center Men’s and women’s rooms
Dixon Ministry Center See information below*
Engineering & Science Center E&S ground floor corridors between rooms 144-170, faculty office area corridor between rooms 171-179, corridor between 142-144 and/or Science Center basement or lowest level corridor between rooms 102 and 118
Engineering Project Laboratory Same locations as the E&S building
Fitness Recreation & Health Center Same as Callan Athletic Center
Founders Hall Founders Hall basement area, particularly restroom, break room and hallway outside payroll and accounts payable
History & Government Building Interior library and kitchenette areas
Health Sciences Center Ground floor large lecture hall room 105 and lab room 126 if accessible
Jeremiah House SSC south end shelter locations
Library Lower level rooms 003, 17, 20, 27, 28 & 32
Milner Business Building E&S basement corridor between rooms 102 and 118 or other locations specified under E&S building
Operations Center (Physical Plant) Men’s and women’s restrooms, resource library room 123, conference room 122
Patterson Hall Interior corridor or Founders Hall basement areas
Steven’s Student Center See information below**
Tyler Digital Communications Center Ground floor interior corridors, classrooms and restrooms
University Medical Services Callan Athletic Center ground floor interior corridor between gym and locker rooms and area adjacent to elevator, also training room if available
Williams Hall Ground floor interior corridors

*Dixon Ministry Center: go to one of the following locations in the Dixon Ministry Center.

  • Music Center rooms 125 and 149.
  • Interior corridor (located on west side of chapel) running between rooms 152 and 195.
  • Christian Ministries interior corridor (located on the north side of the building) between rooms 164 and 191 and inside room 164.
  • Restrooms across from room 149.
  • Rooms 157 and 162.
  • Rear of Chapel at entrances by base of staircases (4 locations).

**Steven’s Student Center: Occupants should go to one of the following locations.

  • Inside rooms 240, 241, 245 and inside “Theater” entrance area 229.
  • Lower level (north end) long corridor behind the bookstore leading all the way to room 112 at far north end.
  • Lower level (north end) inside “Stingers” (stay away from exit to outside patio), inside computer lab room 103, inside movement studio room 111 and restrooms across from computer lab & “Stingers” far north entrance.  Corridor areas outside these locations can also be used.
  • Lower level (south end) corridor between 153 Student Activities Conf. room and entire length of corridor toward room 164.
  • Faculty/staff – seek shelter in any interior office, conference room or work area on the lower level of the building that is not near exterior walls, windows or doors.

SAFETY PROCEDURES: Stay away from locations on or above second floors, inside elevators, near exterior windows and walls or wide span roof areas such as gyms or auditoriums.  The best locations are located within interior corridors, restrooms, or other rooms on the ground or first floor of a building that are in keeping with the criteria mentioned.  REMAIN IN SHELTERS UNTIL AN ALL CLEAR BY CAMPUS SECURITY OFFICIALS HAS BEEN ISSUED.