Power Disruption Scheduled for 8 p.m.
Normal Operating Conditions

August 28, 2013

The electrical problem has been located and is being repaired. However, in order to get everything up and running, we will have to do a campus-wide shutdown. This will happen at approximately 8 p.m. this evening, August 28th, and should last 60-90 minutes. All buildings will be without power during this time.

Additional note from IT: Abrupt disruption of power can be damaging to a computer.

Information Technology strongly suggests that you save all files and then power down your computer and other electronic devices before the 8 p.m. power outage occurs to help avoid damage and/or data loss.

Faculty and Staff
Information Technology asks that you please save all open files and shut down your University computer before you leave campus for the evening in order to avoid damage and/or data loss. Do not rely on a battery backup device for this length of an outage.

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